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About Us

Wine In The Desert Thats What We Do!

Midbar Winery in Arad was established to develop, promote and celebrate winemaking in the Negev desert. Midbar is the Hebrew word for desert. Both the winery and the vineyards are located in the Negev. The winery is in Arad, and the vineyards, at Ramat Negev, near the Ramon Crater, are typically over 800 meters above sea level the highest point in the Negev. Midbar Winerys wines showcase the Negevs unique terroir. The white top soil reflects the suns rays onto the vines and the hot, dry climate, with its dramatic and rapid variations in temperature between day and night, and between winter and summer, develop grapes of unique characteristics with high natural levels of acidity and a unique array of aromas and flavors. Limited edition wines is Midbar Winerys specialty and expertise. We produce 30,000 bottles per annum. Midbar Winerys managing director is Dana Wolf. Our winemaker is Meital Damri, a graduate in Oenology & Viticulture at the University of Florence, Italy. For red wines her advisor is Diego Ciurletti, from the internationally renowned Tuscan winery Cennatoio (Panzano-in-Chianti). For white wines, her advisor is Doron Rav Hon, winemaker of the highly acclaimed boutique wineries in Israel

Midbar Winery
is located in the Arad Artists Quarter, Sadan 8.
Midbar Winery is the premium brand of the Southern Winery Ltd.

About Us 
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